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Timothy Scalise
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brian those are really good numbers, you should be proud, just work to make them better. Hell you are doing more than me and I weight more than you, hopefully not at the end of the year though :P. First comps are crazy on the nerves though, Im doing my second comp in june, the first one I almost made myself pass out on my first clean. I started with 95 something I knew I could easily do, I ended up power cleaning it cause I forgot to squat and the bar hit me strait in the adams apple and a mist flew from my mouth, and I almost blacked out. So I rushed but made my jerk, and droped it went back stage and had to sit down before I passed out lol.

Glen, How old is that kid your taking to the worlds? and what weight class? really impressive lifts. I love this sport so much, I wish I had discovered it when I was younger. I love this sport though, and I figure I maybe too old to make the olympics now, but I hope to coach a kid to the olympics in the future. Just getting my experience in now.
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