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Your maintenance level for caloric intake should be somewhere in the ~3000 cals/day neighborhood, perhaps a little higher considering your age. (BW x 14-16 as a baseline approach equals 2828- 3232 for maintenance) Although your maintenance cals may be lower if you've got any other underlying metabolic issues.

If you actually take in 4000 cals/day, then there's the main issue right there. You're overeating.

I wouldn't do anything until after your season is over though. Dietary changes can take a little while to adapt to. Longer than one week off with an injury.

When the season ends, try this: Break out the food scale and measuring spoons and actually find what how much you're eating. Read labels and track it. Do that for 2 weeks (it gets easier as you go, though it's not something any of us want to do for a lifetime) and find out exactly how much you tend to eat. Track macros as well.

After that, find out what you should be eating, compared to what you are eating and do that. Paleo works well here, but if you're 16 then you're likely eating with your parents and may not have much of a say.

There's also the possibility that at 16 years of age, you've got a little baby fat to deal with still.
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