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If you are eating just "Paleo" carbs...won't matter too your insulin will be in control....but if someone is eating breads, cereals, zone bars, rice, ice cream, etc....then those need to be controlled/portioned/eliminated.

Lots of individual factors to come into play....such as insulin resistance...level of workout intensity....outside activity level....etc. One person can lose fat at 50g per day.....another may lose at 150g/day (just look at people doing Zone with higher carb intake yet lower calories). Most important factor is enough protein so you are not wasting away your fat burning muscles, and then the other macronutrients can be juggled around it to your liking. If you are in calorie will burn fat.

It does just make it easier to go through cycles of "low" carbs to help keep calories in control (and your carb choices better) to allow more oxidation of fat at lower intensities (aka like walking).

Many approaches work.....just find what works for you. You could probably rotate eating a snickers bar and McDonalds cheeseburger every 3 hours and still burn fat.....if you are in calorie deficit at the end of the day.
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