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Rafe Kelley
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Thanks for the reply Gant, I went back and tried to lift calm all this week too decent effect hit a 5 rep set of 155 on the squat which is just 2kg of my max. I am aware of the ADHD hyper focus its wonderfull feeling one I chase but its not something I can access automatically the best way for me to get into it is honestly to have someone through a punch at me, it why I enjoyed working as bouncer cause every time there was confrontation I got to hit that state.

For me I don't have so much life distractions I don't think about stuff going on but its like I am trying to vizualize trying to focus to almost slow down time and sometimes the focus just doesn't come. Its like trying to focus on digital camera were it almost comes in focus but then get hazy and you can't seem to find the way to make it stay in that clear focus. Still going to work on it my recovery is enough of an issue that the potential benefits of lifting calm are compelling.
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