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Originally Posted by David Boyle View Post

Did a workout from Jeff Martone Tactical Athlete site.

"Tactical 10"

10 min max effort burpee combo on each arm of:


Did 30 sets or 15 rds counting both L/R as 1 rd.

Pressed for time and had to get something in.

Here is the link for the workout.


Did this workout again today w/ my guys. Went over the basic fundamentals of Kettlebells and did some auxillary TGU's, Windmills, Bottoms Up Cleans/Press's and Waiter Press's

I was feeling a little "froggy" so I decided to do this met-con w/ a 70lb KB (2 pood)
Funny thing is I did better w/ the 2 pood than the 1.5 pood....

Got 18 rounds (36 single count) w/ "King Leonides" (nickname we give the 70)

Most importantly I felt really really good just getting out there and training again. Back has been bothering me pretty bad since I maxed on power-cleans.

Lesson learned,

Have a great weekend!
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
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