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In the Weightlifting Encyclopedia the author says basically the same thing Pendlay said on page 1, ie that people that have less arousal when they lift intensely can go heavy more often. In the WL book he talks a lot about "nervous energy", how it needs to be controlled by mental training and used sparingly.

It's interesting to see another aspect of the "mind-body connection" at work.

A fellow on the first page said various mental practices lead to a 2-3 fold increase in recovery ability. I don't doubt it helped recovery but surely if it doubled or tripled recovery ability that would mean he could apply 2-3 times the stress per workout and progress 2-3 times faster. This seems quite unlikely.

Personally I try to do sets of a 5x5 with "calm confidence" talking myself through it but not getting worked up. When I do speed doubles I try to work myself up for each set to do them faster. When I do the classical movements I try to be calm and just think a few works as self-cues.
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