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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post

Weightlifting isn't really a varsity sport in college, so full-ride scholarships are likely about nil.

As for sponsorships, you need to become a notable athlete before you get offered one of those...they look for achievement, not potential.

Northern Michigan DOES have full-scholarships. Ive had 3 kids from my program go up there, they all got full rides, all tuition, books, room and board, all paid for, plus a free laptop, and I think some kind of monthly stipend for at least one of them.

On the other hand, if you come to Wichita Falls and Midwestern State, you get some financial help, not all that much, probably tuition and a cheap place to live, and get to be coached by me. Ive had one kid come home from Northern Michigan, and a couple opt not to go, because they thought it was a better deal here. Ive had a couple go there and stay because they thought it was a better overall deal there.

There is also a place in Northern California that has some oportunities. PM me if you want any info on that.

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