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If I could only do one lift for the rest of my life, it would be the Clean and Jerk. I love the power bias of that lift and the way it can completely tax the body without muscle soreness that prohibits movement the next day.

Next up, I'd add in Back Squat. While the deadlift is a bigger ego boost due to the added weight, I feel the Back Squat throughout my entire body much more. Front Squat and Overhead Squat are good ones too, but in the interest of pure strength development, Back Squat is what I'll go with from the squatting category.

Deadlift. No explanation needed.

Overhead Press. I much prefer this to the bench press as my shoulder much prefers overhead to benching.

Since Shaf specifically mentioned lifts, I'll stick to those 4. Adding in gymnastics movements, I'd go with:
- Planche progressions (balance and static strength)
- Skin the cat (these have really strengthened my shoulder)
- One-leg squats (balance)

And of course sprints...400m and below.

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