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To Dave, and Justin

Justin has said in a very direct way that CFFB IS BETTER. He has also said that whether a coach implements CFFB or not, he/she will still have to program specifically for his athletes.

Now, understand I am not trying to play "bait the CFer here"... I have a good friend who knows Justin and says good things about him. So I am interested in his analysis of the situation.

And I think I explained how I see the situation in an earlier post. There are certain things that must be done to train for football. Metobolic conditioning, speed work, skill work, strength work. All coaches, good and bad, do all these things. Good ones program them and coach them well, bad ones dont.

i THINK that Justin has indicated that he believes that an increased emphasis on metcon is how CFFB is better than the current thinking on FB training, I will wait for him to confirm this. And maybe for him to explain how CFFB programing can be better given his statement about each coach still having to program according to his own individual athletes.

And just to be honest, I expected Justin to emphasise the metcon aspect of CFFB, and its superiority... and I disagree. I actually think that most football programs include TOO MUCH conditioning work throughout most of the year... and I think that if I have understood his position correctly, we will have an interesting discussion.

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