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Originally Posted by glennpendlay View Post
What I was thinking was more in line with "How is CFFB better than current FB training", or "How is CFFB going to improve current FB training?"
Here are my thoughts:

Let's assume CFFB will be fairly effective -- moreso than the average program -- and therefore a fair number of programs will benefit from adopting it. With this assumption in mind, I want to consider three different categories of coaches, and how they might benefit from CFFB:
  1. Good coaches. They know what they're doing and won't benefit from CFFB
  2. Bad coaches, who are too stubborn, stupid, or arrogant to change what they do. They won't benefit from CFFB.
  3. Bad or mediocre coaches who want to improve. They will benefit from CFFB. If they follow CFFB their players will stronger/faster/etc. By doing something that actually works they can begin to understand what is effective and how to construct their own effective routines. Hopefully the CFFB exercise demos, when they come, will be high quality like most of the CF ones and so coaches can see what a real squat/DL/whatever looks like. The forum should also be useful. In the same way that CF was the "gateway drug" for many people here, I hope CFFB will send people to more specialised sites where they can acquire more detailed knowledge.

An anecdote: I'm not in the US and I have no involvement in (American) football. However I do study at a University that consistently finishes in the top 3 in the British Universities competition, and I believe has the best Sports Science dept in the country. I train at the same gym as our rugby team, track guys, and so on. Their training is rubbish -- endless sets of curls, 1/4 squats and so on. I'm stronger than 90% of the guys at the gym and I'm a 70kg weakling. I know the rugby team has a coach, and I'm sure he's trying to do a good job, but judging from what I see in the gym, and the number of injuries I see at the few games I go to, it isn't that effective. The competition is equally weak so the results don't seem adversely impacted, but I'm sure better training would make a huge difference on the pitch and might get some guys to the level where they could compete professionally. CFFB would probably be a great place to start.

Basically, I think there is enormous value in high quality readily available information. As many people have said there is nothing new in CF. However placing all that information is one place and making it (mostly) freely available does a much better job of dissemination than a bunch of high priced Human Kinetics texts will ever do. CF has certainly made an enormous improvement in my training (and I don't follow the CF WODs). I think CFFB can do the same.
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