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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post
the other issue is that my liver is overactive. we're testing some other stuff to find out what's causing it. they think it's overaccumulation of fat sol. vitamins.

Garret - it's interesting you pointed out the ion issues. the doctors had never asked me about any of those factors or whether i had cut water before competitions. i've had some serious water weight drops before that have left me in a messed up mental state for a week afterwards. i think i was actually sodium deficient for a while too, as crazy as that may be. i'll bring it up at my next checkup.
Based on that history, you very likely have some pretty serious electrolyte deficiencies. This may or may not show up on typical bloodwork, and your conventional doc(s) may or may not believe that's the case. Your liver *must have* certain minerals to work correctly, that could also be connected to the same electrolyte deficiencies.

What kind of fat soluble vitamins are you taking and in what amounts? Unless you're taking a lot of vit. A, I don't think that's it.

As far as negatives go, all I can say is I'm personally trying to make negatives as small a portion of my workouts as possible (ie. dropping DLs from the top position, not lowering them).
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