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Rick Deckart
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in my humble opinion you are doing way too much. Playing hockey and doing the Olympic lifts the same day, is probably fine when you can cope with it. But look at your workout log, you are running a SS in parallel and you are doing the rehab squat program as well. Especially the latter is a lot more volume than you would think. You should calculate your average tonnage (including the warmup sets) of your sessions to keep track of the total system load.
It may be more than your current abilities allow.

If you are not feeling well, have colds which take forever, or persistent soreness, something is not right. A certain timespan of over-reaching can be used for good, if it is followed by a certain time span of tapering, but what you do (no offense) looks more like a good recipe for over-training (given your medical conditions, your age and your Oly novice status). And over-training is good for nothing---except perhaps that your body in it's eminent wiseness will take care that you get the (BTW much longer than necessary) break you need.

Make yourself a list of your priorities, if you had to choose, what would it be Hockey or Oly, or S&C? Why do you want to do the Oly, is it for fun or to support your hockey game? Have a two or four week break of the Oly lifts and see what it does to your health/hockey etc. If you get better during the break the Oly obviously don't help your hockey at least in it's current dosage.

BTW if you are serious with the Oly lifts, given your age, I would abstain from PR attempts for a while, do some serious technique work (which is demanding enough) in the first year.

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