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Originally Posted by Torsten Hauptmann View Post
how do strongman train core strength esp. the anterior wall? As such things as stonework need a strong back but also a very very strong anterior wall. is there any special training besids doing the exercises which come up in competition?

i've never heard of anything special but don't have weak areas, i'm just weak. mostly the guys i train with just focus on the events, which when heavy are training enough for the torso.
  • farmers walk, sort of taxing but body weight plus in each hand is an extra special level of fun.
  • front squats, low rep and high rep on occasion.
  • also a lot of bottom position work in box squats, pin squats, zerchers etc without a belt helps,
  • a bunch of top end work (rack work, high box) with a belt or PL suits seems to help even more. heavy overhead supports stuff like that.
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