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Originally Posted by Chris H Laing View Post
My question is about how to incorporate metcons with strength training. More specifically, which types of movements to use.

Example...i do heavy presses, followed by a metcon. In this metcon, if i wanted to do something with pressing, would it be better to do some kind of overhead movement like a push jerk, or a different plane of pressing such as pushups or dips.
I too have struggled with the same question, and have decided to do something in a different plane, assuming I don't have a similar exercise scheduled the next day (which is never the case with my current schedule). I just find I'm too fried to get much out of more, say, presses, having already maxed out on them. Generally I view the movements I do for metcons as volume work to build connective tissue/prevent injury (in addition to the actual metcon) so I generally don't go heavy. This seems to be the approach taken by the PMenu WOD metcons, which I've never seen using heavy weights.
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