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Originally Posted by Torsten Hauptmann View Post
i see like in weightlifting with the lower back which is hit in every lift.

could you do me a favor and tell me how a "normal" strongman routine or workout looks like as only the stonework and overheadwork with a thick bar or log comes in my mind which taxes the abs. are there other events doing the same?
Mine routine seems normal to me:

Monday. Heavy Press
  • long warm up with front squats, maybe f squat with chains.
  • work up to a strict heavy single double or triple in log or axle
  • then 10 minutes of density work with the top weight for a push press. ten triples on the minute.
  • then light farmers or sandbag carry. maybe weighted chins or DB rows if feeling beat up.

Wed. heavy squat
  • work up to a target number in the back squat followed by
  • a higher rep pull, (RDL's Axle DL, pulls from a box, Farmer DL.)
  • if feeling good, zerchers from the floor or if not so fresh, glute ham raise with band tension.

optional thursday: light presses.
  • deloaded bench press for several sets up to a top weight, then
  • high reps, 3 sets of 15.
  • rows light or chest supported
  • tricep stuff. stretch...

Saturday: heavy pull or events
usually 3 events or do a DL variant and then medley. this week was
  • axle cleans,
  • heavy farmers
  • tire flip.
  • last week was work up to heavy double in DL then medley with
  • heavy farmers
  • keg load carry and load onto sled
  • sled push

In my mind, until one is quite advanced, every day is very taxing on the abs, core or whatever you want to call it. I do throw ab rollers in back to back sets with reverse hyper this is more of an active recovery thing.

a more advanced guy might use a more sophisticated split. this is an article by a LW competitor in the states who is very good. He's got one per week where abs are paired with active recovery.
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