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I dont mean to sound... um... well here goes: you want to train harder, willing to do hours of reading/research/surfing, PAY(gasp!!) for a workout plan, and postpone your progress for weeks/months because it's "easier" than dedicating yourself to what you put in your body for fuel?!

K., what would you say to someone who said, 'I know heavy cleans are the best thing for me, but I don't like to work so hard, so I am going to do hours of 'cardio' instead'?

I used to weigh 316lbs at 40%BF. I'm 212lbs at about 9% right now, and I can tell you from having tried every shortcut, every diet, every training program on the planet that if you just fuel right, damn near anything will work. Fuel right and do high intensity, infinitely varied, functional movement and you will fry.


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