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I'm finding changes in my foot's skin as well! Also, good to hear that the time frame for the committed is not too too long. I definitely have six weeks to spend on this project.

With regards to walking technique, I have been attempting to 'roll' onto my foot more in the way you describe in the above post. It has helped to reduce the soreness under the heel of my foot, though it still feels somewhat awkward when I walk around. I guess it takes some time to unlearn how I've walked for most of my life.

Other thoughts: I too have been lucky so far, with no punctures of the skin on my foot. I'm thinking that rolling onto my foot will help me avoid any injuries in the future, like you said. *fingers crossed* I'm also finding joy in walking on certain surfaces as well. My yard feels awesome and I like standing around just experiencing it. Too bad its been rainy lately. Also, have you walked on those rubber doormats with all the little nubs on them? Free foot massage!

And a workout:

Thursday 20090528
Worked out again with my parents at Crossfit Boston:

WOD: Deadlift

I did 250lbs for five sets across. Still really sore from Tuesday. . .
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