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Besides the squat snatch and the split clean and jerk (obviously):

Rack Jerks

Because they feel effortless and you get lift HYOOOOOGE weights.

Barbell Lunge With Recovery to Split Jerk Foot position

This is like a lunge, where the knee goes just short of the floor, except that you don't fully straighten the front leg and return to standing; you just push yourself back into a stable split-jerk-depth position from which you could easily stand up. It maintains the tension on the hamstring, and you can lift heavier loads than a full dynamic lunge.

This seems to be good for tall people, too; I just started working these seriously a month ago or so and the poundages are already on the verge of passing my back squat.

Bulgarian split squats with dumbbells Another vote for these: 15 per leg without rest in between. Again, the poundages are moving up fast here, too...

High-rep snatch pulls/shrugs from hang I take an excessive load (~20-30 kilos over my snatch), do one from the floor as best I can, then go for 9 reps from the hang... since I started working these once a week a couple months ago my snatch has gone up 10 kilos. The bar just feels light going into the second pull, and that helps everything.
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