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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
You know, I like to run off at the mouth, there's no denying that. That 500# DL comment was one of those moments. But, chances are that if you don't think you can get to a 500# deadlift, you're not going to do so. If this is a concern of yours, my suggestion is to seek out a local group of powerlifters to lift with and to loosen up on the diet a bit to put yourself in a state of positive energy balance.
Thanks Steve for the explanation above....however not a concern of mine at all. My last PR on the "The CrossFit Total" was 435lbs. My current bodyweight is ~187lbs. Hoping to break the 500 mark in the next few months or so. I agree with what you said about our minds being our biggest enemy in realizing strength gains. Weightlifting, like most sports are largely mental (technique, food, genes, lifestyle - all playing a huge role as well).

If not for nothing, your statement certainly motivated myself to join the 500 DL club (however, realize this was not your intention). Like Dave said below, goals and standards are good. Reaching them is even better though
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