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I've not found isolation work do much for my barbell lifts or odd objects with the possible exception of the ab wheel
i should have been more precis. with isolation work i meant more advanced training of "abs" with such things as ab wheel and body levers.
the problem with my core/abs was that it was hard for me to find exercises which had the right intensity: either i could do lots of reps or i could not even get a negativ rep done! so weighted sit ups worked well because i could simpy add weight/resistance with bands.

the evil wheel is a keeper
for sure!!

thank you both for your rich input! i do see things now much clearer.

your posts made me decide to give stonework along with farmers and sandbagcarry a try once a week

but as absolut strongman beginner i wonder if there are some sources available about the technique to load a stone?
where do you drop the stone on? i have rubber mats i build a plattform from for weightlifting but dropping a heavy stone on a small mat should not make that much difference from dropping it directly to the floor.
and with what weight should i start? i have a 190kg DL for reps (3 or 5) and clean 100kg standing (not a power clean)

do you think that i could do farmers and sadbagcarry on one day or should i do one week farmers + stones next week sadbagcarry + stones? i have no clue how log i need to lern the technique for the stones to get heavy and if farmers and sandbagcarry are pretty much the same besids more different/no emphasis on grip (bearhugging vs. shouldering the sandbag) therefore i am asking
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