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I say diets don't work......and here's my conversation with people:

Them "I'm doing xxxxxxxxxx and I've lost 30lbs!"

Me "Great...but most diets fail mostly because no one sticks with the insane process of what you need to do"

Them "Well my diet is working"

Me "Has a diet worked in the past for you too? But you gained it all back?"

Them "Well.....yeah....but"

Me "See that diet didn't work afterall.....any diet book will help you lose weight, but does it keep it off is what I changes find something you want to do for life.....otherwise you'll keep wasting your money in a BILLION dollar weight loss industry that wants you to gain it all back....and spend more money again and again....."

In the end.....people can use a diet as a platform to a better lifestyle....but the question becomes, does it really work that way? Most often....the answer is no....other wise Body for Life would of cured Obesity in the 90s.
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