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The BFS article takes pretty safe road. be careful, be skeptical, don't throw the babay out....Also, I have a strong desire to disregard anything that includes the following words.

Fast twitch fibers
motor units
modal domain

Given that the article is about football, it is safe to assume that we are not contemaplating how SM will make you a better olympic lifter, croquet player, gymnast or taxpayer...but a football player? Yes.

Here are some other observations.
  • Olympic lifiting is really time consuming.
  • Anyone can get injured doing a movement wrong, You can really do this in a spectacular way with a heavy odd object.
  • Training with odd objects explosively will make you really tired.
  • Olympic lifing is all about doing it the right way,
  • SM is all about finding a way that works for you.
  • A lineman has more in common with a superheavy wrestler than a super heavy weightlifter.
  • Anyone who can power clean double bodyweight is pretty strong and pretty fast for their size.
  • Joe DeFranco trains his guys pretty much straight up Westside PL/ SM and consistently prepares absolute monsters.
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