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Time to be really annoying and say that the take-away point is, there's more than one way to get strong and fast.

The one issue that has only just been picked up on, is that strongman movements are just as capable of injuring an athlete as anything else. I don't where this idea has come from, that flipping a tyre or whatever is somehow safer and won't increase risk of injury. That is absolute nonsense.

Furthermore, odd object lifting often requires technique. To say that you can lift a keg or a tyre etc anyway you like is wrong. That's no different to explaining the power clean by saying 'just pick it up to your shoulders'. Rounded backs, etc, it's going to be ugly and probably do more harm than good.

The useful thing about barbell lifts is they teach an athlete to move properly by making the moving of weight as efficient as possible. If you know how to brace, keep a straight back and drive through the heels in a DL, then when you come to pick up a sandbag or keg you will be in a better position to do it without injury. If you just take people with no idea how to lift and get them to pick up a heavy bag or tyre, it's going to be a sorry mess.
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