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I've got no issue with the notion that lifting odd implements explosively may be an effective way to train football players. I've got no issue arguing on the merits that SM is a better training modality (sorry) for football than oly lifting.

I've got an issue saying, for example:

Olympic lifts can be tedious and take years to execute properly. Eastern block Olympic lifters, routinely the best in the sport, begin training as early as age five. With technique being a critical component, most high school kids learning to Olympic lift correctly must start off using just the bar or a broomstick. They never develop any strength or explosive power.
Which is absolute BS. Lifting odd objects well may be a much better approach than oly lifting with poor technique, but the reverse is true as well, and lifting either with crappy technique is a good ticket to injury.

I have no experience in training football players, so I have little to add to this discussion, except for calling BS on obviously stupid arguments.
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