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Default Female PLer's training routine I found interesting...

DVS, I know you're a big fan of hers, I found this piece of her Critical Bench interview interesting...
2) Critical Bench: Tell everybody about your best bench, squat, and deadlift and how did you train to achieve those INSANE maxes?

Kara: My best lifts are: Squat- 553 in competition - 606 in training one week before my knee injury

Bench- 385 in a full powerlifting meet - 405 in training and hope to make it official in a bench meet soon.

Deadlift- 501 in competition. I never deadlift until the warm up room at a meet.

I have a very unconventional training regimen but it's garnered favorable results thus far. I train as an Olympic lifter which involves completely raw, rock bottom front and back squats, power clean & jerks, snatches, clean pulls and snatch high pulls. Throw on a squat suit a few weeks out and I'm all set. For bench I use a Metal Militia/Kennelly hybrid which is kicking serious ass for me at the moment!

I strongly recommend integrating some Olympic movements into any routine. Not necessarily the full lifts even , but explosive high pulls and high bar, ass to floor squats can really make a difference.
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