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Jason Barrow
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Totally agree Mike, thanks for your input.

I suppose I'm curious as to what to make of weight loss achieved on a calorie controlled diet like Weightwatchers, when so much information points to it not being a simple calories in-calories out equation?

Or to come at it from an exercise angle, what about weight loss achieved when no change is made to diet but a person goes crazy with the gym sessions? I've got a guy who's convinced the key to his 14lb+ drop in weight was down to his 2hr routine 4x a week! Seems pretty easy to say "well of course, you dramatically increased your calorie expenditure, created a deficit and bingo- weight loss!"

(on a side note, when you guys first starting first starting questioning what you might call the mainstream conceptions of health/fitness.......anybody else feel like their head was going to explode?! )
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