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Jamie, good points. Talk to me about the "right way". I think what i'm positing is that in SM (odd objects) there are a bunch of right ways to explode inot a triple you do it and how I do it are different almost by neccesity, the things we are moving in this case are (hopefully) bigger than we are...but, this explosion leads you to the same place.

in Oly, i seems there are fewer "right ways" and much attention must be paid to doing it properly if you're going to add load and this I think this is where we part ways, I think Load is king, usefulness of the DE method aside, wherein it is instructive to note how many people (Wendler included) have replaced it with RE work. I do not because I need to learn to move faster, I need to learn the movements period.

But this question of the "ideal" sequence is interesting, for instance, what about the rebending of the knees is ideal? in a lot of ways it seems like a convention forced by the transition of getting a barbell into a jumping position.
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