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See- this is when my head start to hurts!

I guess I should say that I tend to naturally lean toward a net calorie deficit being key to weight loss. I think those losing weight on WW whilst considering nothing else is evidence enough for me. However....

In my original post I included a quote with a pretty rational explanation of why in vs out might not be the answer. On the flip-side, Darryl's book excerpt (thanks btw), makes tons of sense as well. So what to believe?!

What I'm thinking is.....

Much of the low carb/paleo, insulin control stuff seems largely aimed at improving markers of health - insulin resistance, autoimmune issues, vitamin/mineral intake etc. And that's cool cause we all want healthy clients. When we then take the suggested/necessary steps to deal with some of these issues i.e. removing grains, high GI/GL carb sources it seems likely that, if no compensatory increase of pro/fat is made, a calorie deficit will occur as it's easy to over consume calories via dense carb/sugar sources, not so easy with just broccoli! So it strikes me that weight loss on a low carb approach (or lower carb- I understand paleo isn't low carb per se) could almost be considered a bi-product? It isn't the reduction in carbs but more the resultant reduction in calories?

And apologies for length of posts or if I my thoughs/questions seem to be all over the place- I've been told I do tend to go on a bit !
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