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Please provide an example of someone who is "unable" to take time off due to their sport?

My impression is more of "unwilling" or "too thickheaded..."
I was coming from the perspective that a recreational athlete has the ability to skip a few workouts, or postpone their next comp. Whereas the competitive athlete "has" to train (for lack of a better term), which may eventually lead to overtraining. However, I agree, a certain amount of unwillingness to rest is usually the cause but there are different examples of athletes, either through their own doing or a misguided coach, who do not have extended breaks in training.

Team sport athletes at the HS level; where one might go from different sports in different seasons, or varsity and club teams, with pressure from different coaches and teams to practice/compete.

The collegiate distance runner who has to run XC, Indoor, and Outdoor to keep their 1/4 scholarship + books.

The post-collegiate athlete who gave up his day job to move to the OTC to train for the next Olympics, which also means placing at Nationals in May, Team Trials in August, Worlds in November, and a host of other competitions throughout the year to keep their spot and monthly stipend.
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