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there's a big question. wihtout a vid it's hard to know. a couplle random thoughts and I'm sure others will pile on.
  • bad pain in the back often means lyou're losing the arch, especially if it's mid back.
  • if you can locate a good vid showing RDL's i'd do that, RDL's really teach you to get a lot out of your hamstrings
  • push your ass further back at the start and squat into it, really load your posterior chain at the start, like your pulling a bowstring and your hips are the pick.
  • ass and shoulders come up at the same time.

  • your back should get taxed but not brutally so.
  • I think of arching the upper back, this takes care of the lower at the same time.
  • Do GHR's
  • Do touch and go DL. see if that helps.
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