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Default Intrigued - Need some help

Hi guys - I know this is a little lengthy but I would appreciate it very much if someone more knowledgeable about this than myself could help me out.

I was searching for something new to try to help me break through my current plateau and lose the last 3-4% bodyfat, I started reading up on IF and it's captured my attention. I did the classic 4-5 small meals a day and lost 50 pounds. I began weight training almost two years ago and have made great progress, now I want to bring myself to the next level.

Everything I've read about IF sounds great to me. I don't mind going long periods without eating and I hate dragging food around with me everywhere I go. I also like eating large volumes of food, which is especially helpful at a caloric deficit. Not to mention the health benefits.

I really want to make this my lifestyle but I'm a bit apprehensive. I was the typical overweight person skipping breakfast and lunch, and then having a huge dinner of the wrong foods. Obviously IF is similar to my previous behavior which I can't help but be a little afraid of going back to after losing 50 lbs.

You guys are by far the most knowledgeable group of people on the IF topic that i've seen, and I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help me clear up some questions I have.

1. I understand that metabolic function increases during the fast, but is there any "wrong" way to do it that could cause thyroid/metabolic damage?

2. I would plan on fasting from 6pm to 3pm the next day. Feeding window between 3pm and 6pm everyday. Mon-Fri I do cardio in the morning which I could maintain my fast around. I weight train in the afternoon in which I would center my caloric intake around. on saturday and sunday I weight train in the morning, would it be ok to have a normal day of eating (not fasting) at a deficit on these days? or is there some way I could maintain an IF style day without starving my worked muscle after a trainig session?

I want to do this because I want to break down the last barrier that is keeping me from my bodyfat % goal, and bring my performance in the gym to a new level. I'm also tired of always worrying when my next tupperware sized meal of chicken and broccoli is, only to be left hungry and unsatisfied after.

Thanks in advance!
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