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Default 5/3/1 Assistance Work

I am into my 2nd month with Wendler's 5/3/1 and am really enjoying it. The purpose of this thread is to come up with assistance exercises that complement each of the 4 lifts. I am really struggling with what to do for the press. I like the routine from Diesel but don't really know what else to sub in. Here is what I have been doing.


1 arm floor press (courtesy of Diesel Crew)


DB Lunges (my legs are super smoked after this)


3 rounds of
DB Press X 8
Hindu Push Ups X 8
Posterior Flyes X 8 (courtesy of Diesel Crew)


Good Morning

So throw out some ideas and let me know your suggestions. Every day I do pulling movements either P/U's or DB Rows. No more BB rows for me thank you very much.

For my energy / met-con needs I have added a ton of sled dragging and sprint complexes. This has been absolutely brutal and my legs are still smoked from Saturday and Monday's workout.

I originally planned on rotating assistance exercises every month. So I need to come up with some new ones.

Thanks for the input.
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