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I am about to start a program using the 5/3/1 concept. i was gonna cycle my ME's in the same fashion, but i've picked different ME's to focus on.

i was gonna cycle DE's and statics into these workouts as well, but they will not compliment the ME. thus a workout would have an ME, a DE, and a static (this is sounding more hybrid programs by the minute). in addition, each type of effort would have antagonistic exercises.

i generally categorized exercises as combined push-pull, combined push-push, combined pull-pull, upper body back pull, upper body forward pull, upper body back push, upper body forward push, lower body push, lower body pull. i've attached an excel file of the exercises i've picked. i didn't include the variations of a lot of exercises though. that will be determined by the amount of resistance needed. so pushups may be dynamic with clapping or they may be planchlike on the rings. generally the variations would come from coach sommer's book.

so one day might be:
ME Squat
ME hanging leg lifts
DE pushups (wheels maybe)
DE rows (bodyweight or weighted)
static back lever
static manna

the next workout would shift what was ME, what was DE, and what was Static

ME would follow a 5/3/1. DE i would try 5/3/1 but see how that turned out. Statics would be 15sec/9sec/3sec (this may need to adjusted).

there's a lot of overlap in these exercises, but that's to be expected with any compound movement. i picked these exercises specifically for myself. for example, there's no snatch b/c i'm having shoulder problems
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