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This won't help with your military press assistance work, but I've been essentially using 5/3/1 with Westside for Skinny Bastards as the assistance work. Each of my two ME days a week is a WS4SB3 ME day with 5/3/1 inserted instead of a the usually "max 1-5" work-up routine.

So you could probably just do this with another template - MEBB, Gant's Hybrid program, etc. Swap out whatever ME work you'd do for a 5/3/1 setup and go from there. Based on the various options for assistance work in the manual, that doesn't seem like it would mess up the program at all. The combo is working for me and others, so far, even though my numbers are pretty low. Lets me focus on getting good work in instead of worrying about my anemic numbers.
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