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Originally Posted by koryknowles View Post
That is the contest rule, not mine.

This isn't the only way we train. You can tell that by the rest of our videos.

But I do enjoy these 10 minute workouts. This contest has been fun and challenging.

Gant, I posted here because I have been a reader of The Performance Menu since your first issue. I have always respected this site and the information here. I was very interested in seeing what the community here would come up with. There is a lot to learn here as there is a lot to learn from many other sites and training protocols.
No problem. I just wasn't clear on the goal of the workout. Is it supposed to part of a larger training system? Is the training system just a series of difficult workouts? Is the contest just about posting a single workout in a vacuum that beats you up?

My submission: 10 minutes with Fedor.
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