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Peter Andersen
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Default Squat and Deadlift Form Checks

Hi everyone,

I'd appreciate it if I could get some comments on my latest squat and deadlift efforts.

090606 - LBBS (3 x 5 x 91.5kg)

As mentioned in my latest training log update (see signature), my hips felt like they are rising faster than the bar on many of the reps and my back angle is becoming too horizontal. Although I'm not sure if it looks like that in the video.

090606 - DL (1 x 3 x 102.5kg)

This was meant to be a set of five, but it felt as though I was pulling with a rounded back and so I cut it short at a triple. But on reviewing the video, it actually looks like I'm maintaining lumbar extension (at least, to me). I notice in the video that I'm having to rock my hips back / move my weight back onto my heels before the bar comes off the ground. I'll try to factor that into my setup next time I pull.

What have I missed?

Thanks in advance
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