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Originally Posted by David Boyle View Post
I'm new to weightlifting...very new.

I notice that in some videos I see various lifters wearing knee wraps and belts...and in some videos I see athletes not wearing anything.

Is this a preference or injury prevention tool?

I don't know about WL, I assume they are even more conservative that PL but if you are a raw lifter in PL or even SM to some degree, tools like belts and knee wraps and straps for pulling are really useful /nearly essential tools for overloading the movement, wraps can put a solid 30-40 pounds on a squat and a belt can make max attemps safer, for some even adding sizable (~10%)percentages, for others not so much.

for events, a belt and sleeves at least have been essential to my health and hopefully longevity and allow one to really push the movement. they are tools like anyhting, you want to know when it's useful and when it's holding you back.
people who like to claim some purity because they eschew belts and wraps should not be trusted.

in fact these people should be avoided at all cost.
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