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March 2, 2007

Crossfit Challenge in Alexandria, VA
Lunge series, Hip Mobility
Technique work: Squat, Pushup

1. Baseball - 10 minutes - Create 4 bases:
First = 10 Kettlebell Swings
Second = 10 Pushups
Third = 10 Knee’s 2 Elbow
Home = 10 Squat jumps

Cross Home and mark a run for your team
We played for 10 minutes
Today it was Men 14 - Women 15!

I used a 24 kg kb, and managed 5 rounds, I slowed down a little here to try to keep the guys together. Rather than jumping ahead.

2. Fran-like - As many rounds in 5 minutes
15 Dumbbell thrusters
30 Jumping Pullups

-40# DB's only managed 2 rounds, the thrusters really slowed me down here.

3. Final sprint - 3 rounds for time
15 Kettlebell High pulls
30 Situps

Time: 6:36

-First 2 rounds I used the 24 kg kb and did snatch pulls for the 1st round, high pulls for the second and for the last round I used the 36 kg? kb.
-The situps are what slowed me down here the most.

Good workout a lot of fun and plenty of intensity from the other people to go around.
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