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Default Pull Up Programs

Ok, first of all this topic is one that is endlessly discussed but, at the present time I'm deeply interested in them.

My current goals are to keep working on my GPP while reaching my longer term goal of getting my BW down to the 170-175 lb range. Right now I'm about 186, down about 8 lbs from 194.

I'm sick of not being able to get a MU and figure the weight is one reason why it hasn't happened.

To combat this problem I embarked on a program in mid-March centered around sprinting (400m), pullups, dips and pushups. Today my workout was one mile of sprint intervals (done with my son in a jogging stroller) marked with 70 pullups.

The program that I'm using to develop pullups I found at this link:

I have my own pull-up program I did with recruits and it works the best. I have tried them all with the recruits and the most gain I had was by using the below program.

Depending on the amount of pullups you do right now when u first get on the bar will be your start point.

Here is the start numbers and I will explain below.

1-5 (50)
6-10 (75)
11-15 (100)
16-20 (150)

The number to the left is how many you can do right now and the number in parenthesis is the number of pull-ups you will do for the workout.

1. Jump on the bar and do a max set You will rest for 60 secs and during that rest do at least 25 crunches but NO PUSHUPS.

2. Keeping the number you finished with jump back up and do another max set. You will rest again for 60 secs and do your crunches. You continue to do MAX SET each time you get on the bar until you have reached the number in parenthesis.

Continue your sets no matter how many times you have to get on the bar. Even if you jump up and only do 1, oh well keep doing it.

If for some reason you can not even do 1 when you get on the bar, take longer rest but if you do this, you better double the workout because you suck.

Do this every other day for 1 month and then take 4 days off and start again.


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Now, I know there are a lot of pullup programs out there but this guy seemed pretty cocky so I decided to try his method. I found that it works. I haven't tried to do a max PU workout yet, contrary to what he suggests, buy my pulls per set are going up pretty steadily.

Anybody seen this one, or tried it before? How about others?
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