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Default Got props? Know props? Need props?

Please post all about the props you use during your stretching routine in this thread. If you know about props which in your opinion are not worth the money, please explain... If you use props which are invaluable for you again, please explain.

I will make a start. Recently I build myself (actually my son did build it according to my specifications) a backbender. This device can be used to fascilitate backbending stretches, side stretches and even is good for strength training (abdominals and back extensions). The advantage over a swiss ball is it is rigid, and you can pinpoint your effort on the part of the back which needs the work. I will post a description of what I do with the thing later.

Costs? Zero (it is made from scrapwood in ~1hour). The thing shows you merciless which part of your back needs work...


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