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The number of pull-ups you can do is not as important as learning the correct technique. I could do maybe 15 strict pull-ups and 20 kipping before I learned the muscle-up. Ever since I did my first muscle-up at CrossFit SoCal 2+ years ago, I've been able to string them together. The key to the muscle-up IMHO is to practice the technique. Pull-ups and dips are great to help build the strength but they are basic components and when done without momentum (which a kipping muscle-up uses) they aren't going to help the transition much.

Just from my personal experience. I find muscle-ups to be kinda boring now that I can do them, and since I'm too heavy to string together 30 at a time like Steven, and rings don't just pop out in front of me on a daily basis challenging me to do them, I kind of see them as a fad part of CrossFit, and just one of the multiple workouts that show up from time to time.

What you really need is someone who can do a muscle-up to watch you attempt yours, and perhaps see how your pull-ups are coming along. Heck post a video on here so we can see what is going on in the digital coaching section.
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