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Darryl I don't see the point to your posting these articles. Do you want discussion or are you trying to prove something?

Guess what, go to any clinic working with 1) the morbidly obese, and 2) diabetics (Type 2 especially). Their carbohydrate levels are ridiculous.

The American Diabetic Association has moved towards the paleolithic diet after much research and much success with patients. There is a reason for this...lower total production of insulin, and in the case of Type 1 diabetics (one of which is my mother) results in an over 50% reduction in required insulin intake. You are going to find it very hard to convince any diabetic educator that eating more carbohydrates is going to help insulin levels...ever.

Guess what else, these people WERE GIVEN FOOD. They didn't eat their normal diet. I can make any research tell me what I want it to tell me as well when I am the one controlling all the variables.

Research like this is horrid in so many ways, and since I have to get to work I don't even want to waste the time typing out all the blaring errors in their methods.
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