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Just the sarcastic tone of the title shows the bias towards putting down the zone, south beach and atkins at whatever cost.

On the other hand, high-fiber, high-carbohydrate diets comprised of foods with low caloric density can similarly be used for effective weight reduction and to ameliorate insulin resistance.
Really? So the zone, south beach or any other sensible eating plan does NOT promote the intake of natural carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables? Really?

I'm over all your posting for biased high carb I don't get what your point is? We all agree fruits and vegetables are for high carb, how the hell I could ever eat 65% carbs in my calorie intake from fruits and vegetables would be beyond me.....quite impossible in my book. As for all the less active people with obesity and insulin resistance....guess I'll switch them over to a nice low fat/high whole grain diet and solve all their issues....oh wait, modern medical dogma attempted that and it failed miserably.

As for high carb diets....that would be the absolutely DUMBEST thing to tell any client who wants to lose weight. Even the Zone at 150g a day would be more than enough for most all people unless they are seriously more active than the average person who breaks a sweat walking to the car.
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