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Wait a sec... are we talking about rings or bar? I never did quite catch that.

Technique differs for both.

Also, like I said work powerful pullups... aim for getting the top of your abs to the bar/rings. Chin to the bar doesn't help you at all, and chest to the bar height may still be a bit lacking. If you can pull your abs to the bar then you have the ability to do one, so that's what you're aiming for.
Right now I'm just trying to make the ring MU be also would like to hit the bar MU at some point. I'll work the ab height for sure.

after trying all this stuff, the last thing that really taught me it was taking the rings out somewhere where i could do the MU from a full dead hang. in the gym, it's hard to find a spot at which you can hang the rings and start from full extension. starting from a full dead hang felt most natural as opposed to either keeping my leg curled hard back or in front to keep my feet from touching the ground. once you learn the form, you can do these ones close to the ground fine.
This really hits home. I'd forgotten about the fact that my rings are nowhere near enough to try it from a full dead hang. I'll to it soon as I get the chance to take the rings to the park.

In fact, most traceurs will work up to just getting a muscle up...then others who are a bit more dedicated focus on reducing the speed to have maximal control through the full ROM. Purely being able to just get over the bar/rings is the first step...explosive pulling taking precedence at this stage. When that is mastered most will attempt to slow the movement down to be under a maximal amount of control through the movement.
I've noticed this while watching vids and it really makes sense though I doubt I'll be doing parkour any time soon.

Just to reiterate, I'm not saying that technique is unimportant, obviously it is. Sometimes though, using a bigger hammer does work. You just have to recognize when the right time to use it comes up.
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