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I've noticed some problems with my O'Lifts that I was hoping to get some help on:

1) I find myself unable to keep the bar close to me on the scoop. Is there a potential flexibilty/mobility issue of should I just be practicing more high pulls and muscle clean and snatches?

2) I've noticed that my jerk may be the key to my back problems as I feel more tension in my lower back when doing them (the bar seems to go back slightly instead of straight overhead causing excessive pressure on my lower back). Any thoughts on this?

3) I want to learn the squat jerk but I seem to have issues with that as well. Any mobility/flexibilty protocols I should go through in order to prepare myself for that move.

I also want to note that I have been following the CrossFit warm-up routine and always warm up with an empty bar on these exercises. Hopefully you all may be able to help me with some of these issues Im having
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