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Something is likely going on in her neck and/or first rib area. Find a chiro or osteopath with good word of mouth feedback and send her there.

Also, you might try contacting Becca Borawski, this was on the CF board:
Becca Borawski
11-07-2007, 10:51 PM
Based on my own experiences with migraines (15 years of getting them now) and when I've experienced migraine onset due to CrossFit, I would be willing to bet that you could do without the medication and get beyond the migraines through other methods.

There was a period of time during my first year of CrossFit where I would get a migraine after anything with extensive overhead work - pullups, OH squats, etc. And it had to do with tension in my upper back and neck. What you're describing with the extra stretching you're doing in those exact areas, could help you out a LOT. Getting a massage is a great idea.

Also, Excedrin will work far better on a migraine than Advil. Just get the Extra Strength Excedrin -- they also sell a "migraine" version, but it's really just the Extra Strength version repackaged and also usually priced higher.

There are also some great fast acting medications out there for when the migraine hits -- things like Maxalt that dissolve on your tongue and go to work immediately.

For people who's migraines are triggered by tension (not hormones, food, etc), it's also smart to look at your caffiene intake in relation to the headaches. Caffiene does a number on our blood vessels as far as constriction and dilation and could be playing a part -- sometimes it's not ONE thing that cause migraines to happen, but a little web of various things.
I'd also highly suggest ridding her diet of gluten, dairy, and nightshades. See that she gives magnesium a good long trial (going up to below bowel tolerance). Good luck.
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