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Default Hello all, and a program i've been devising.

Hi all, i've been lurking here for a while now and finally decided to sign up, this seems to be one of the best forums out there.

Anyway I play rugby for my university with the season starting up again in October. After experimenting for the last 10 weeks or so I have come up with a simple program which needs refining, hopefully with input from you guys here.

Day1: Strength
Day2: KB
Day3: Hill Sprints
Day4: Strength
Day5: KB
Day6: Hill sprints
Day7: Rest

Pretty simple right but I think that's a good thing.

Strength days revolving around PP/bearpowered deadlifts (deadlift followed by plyos), pullup variations and some sort of squatting movement (more for mobility than anything, OHS?).

KB days basically V02 max type stuff followed by pressing.

Hill sprints are self explanatory but I do them in sets of 5-10 with the distance about 10 seconds and the rest period the walk down to the bottom.

Criticism is what i'm after here please, I've gone from bill starr to westside style programming to this sort of stuff so it's not exactly set in concrete!
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