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Deep breath...

I have lifter for 2 years now, and have no problems with form on pretty much everything except the snatch, which I just don't do.
Strength numbers right now are 175kg deadlift, I have squatted 125kg for 5 reps a while back but have been putting emphasis on the front squat recently instead as well as working on clean technique (to aid my mobility). I can clean and power clean 80kg and jerk that overhead too. I have been experimenting with many movements and have taken the emphasis away from just strength development.
I'm new to kettlebells and have been doing swings, clean and presses and getups with my 24kg bell.

I weigh just over 80kg and am 5'11 and the positions I play all include a lot of opportunity for try scoring (center, wing, fullback).

Last preseason I followed SS and then Bill Starrs barbell programs which added a good amount of much needed bodyweight and strength but I was way less agile, felt heavy and didn't have enough endurance... and also developed shin splints very quickly.

I don't feel that I need to gain anymore bodyweight. I just want to become an absolute animal before next season!

... and relax.
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