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No i'm not entirely sure I could recover, thoughts were that the strength days are high intensity but low volume, and therefore wouldn't cane me too much. Maybe the weekend off is the way to go, I think that's one for testing.

Gant that's actually similar to what's going on in my head at the moment, except with fewer exercises. I've been doing cleans sporadically lately and am starting to question whether they are an exercise worth training or just worth having the movement pattern for and periodically testing maxes with. Same with the squat i'm feeling more inclined to use it as a movement rather than a heavy load.

Arden the KB work is meant to be metcon V02 max stuff, high rep swings for time etc... with pressing following it. I just figured as pressing is probably the least important aspect to train why not do it overhead with the KB which would be good for balanced development in the shoulder.

Should I be doing most of my pressing with barbells then? And do I win the award for the weirdest program?
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