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Originally Posted by Harry Munro View Post

Criticism is what i'm after here please, I've gone from bill starr to westside style programming to this sort of stuff so it's not exactly set in concrete!
Honestly, I want to say it looks like a schizophrenic doesn't look simple to me at all.

You're in the offseason correct? what's your biggest weakness at your position? speed, strength, ball handling?

Kettlebells are great but not as your only overhead work. no one has to bench but a barbell or dumbbells are better by far in the amount of load and variety.. if i played rubgy i'd spend a lot of time with odd objects like sandbags, gripwork and running economy alongside hillwork.

i think you'd better off working the hell out of 531 or westside for skinny bastards for 8 weeks and then roll in conditioning work slowly about 3-4 weeks out. I'd rather show up for two a days strong as a bull and deconditioned than vice versa.


didn't mean to come across as harsh. actually, if you made the KB as very light active recovery and made them totally optional, that would be reasonable. frankly, this schedule: 2 days of just weights, 2 days of just sprints and one day where you do both is pretty much exactly what i shoot for, but i drop the sprints as soon as my lifts start flagging.
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